Federico Archuleta

When it comes to the genuine article, we can only think of a handful of people – let alone artists – that can fill those shoes. Federico Archuleta, someone we are proud to call a friend, is the very definition of an original, genuine article.

Federico was raised in the border town of El Paso where as a young boy he was influenced by cultures from both sides of the border. It was this cross-pollination of pop-culture images from rock-and-roll album covers to cartoons, Lucha Libre, and comic books that inspired him to express his appreciation through art.

In his East Austin neighborhood, he continues to keep the Latino culture alive and vibrant with tributes to Cesar Chavez and other iconic Latino influences. His exposure has even landed him work with the Mexican soft drink company Jarritos, the Mexican beer Indio, among others. Even while he’s working on the paying gigs, he’s still got an eye out for the perfect wall with the best traffic to express his next public image.