NIZ is a Peruvian-born, female stencil artist based out of Austin, Texas. She is known for her multi-layered photo-realistic stencil work and skateboard art. Niz’s work draws from elements of graffiti, hip hop culture, existentialism, and spirituality. She finds her expression through old world Latin culture, African-American music, the female aesthetic, skateboarding, and urban grit. The photorealism of Niz’s stencils is often offset by a grittiness and texture that mirrors the urban landscapes she is familiar with.

Her work has been published in several books: Stencil Nation (San Francisco), Heart and Soul (New York), 400ml. Do It Yourself (France), Austin: East of I35 (Austin, TX) and HOPE Outdoor Gallery (Austin, TX). Her work has also been featured on The Carson Daily Show, and in the Austin American-Statesman, Huffington Post, Austin Chronicle, and Concrete Wave Magazine, to name a few. Notable clients have included XX, Mike Judge, Red Bull and Martha Cooper.